Bathroom Vanities

At Custom Display Solutions we know better than most that each home has its own character and decor. Locally made from a number of durable materials including stone, timber, ceramic, poly-marble, and acrylic, our unique and competitively-priced bathroom vanity units complement Melbourne homes and businesses with their color and style.

Our team can expertly craft your new vanity unit to match any existing design and seamlessly fit into any bathroom layout, providing you with a functional and contemporary fixture. Whether you’re looking for wall-hung or freestanding bathroom vanity units, our qualified team can walk you through the various benefits and functions of each choice, helping you find the right solution that the perfect fit for your bathroom.

A professionally installed and designed vanity unit can help to create additional space in your bathroom, making them the perfect option for smaller apartments or office spaces. The increased storage space within the bathroom means you can move items from shelves or benches, de-cluttering the room and creating a better design flow and a more inviting space. As well as we’re proud to deliver top-quality and modern bathroom vanity units to homes and businesses in NSW.

So when you’re searching for ‘bathroom vanity units near me’ don’t hesitate to contact the Custom Display Solutions team to find out how our in-demand products and services can help to transform your bathroom.

We make it a priority top offer flexible services to accommodate yours need.